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See why many top marketers switch to Webinar Fusion Pro's innovative technology that is being called the most desirable platform in the webinar industry.

Features Go To Webinar Webinar Fusion Pro Edition

Does not purge list

Guest links (no registration required)

Video can be embedded on desired site

Does not require 3rd party app to integrate with autoresponders

Pre & post webinar messaging is fully customizable

Has unlimited recording storage

Can share webinars with other webinar users with a share code.

V-Merge slides that work while the camera never leaves your face.

Mass redirect attendees to offers

No software to be downloaded

Announcement customizable scrolling marquee

Register once, and never have to again to attend future webinars (rollover feature)

Customizable Sales, Reg., Thank You, and Invite Pages (lead page technology) “Fusion Pages”

Fee based webinars

Non WMV video format when stored

Video tutorials on each page

Registration form code available to place on sites, blogs etc.

Unlimited attendees

Let's now review some of the AWESOME WebinarProFusion features...

Enjoy Webinars Without Limits On Attendees

GoTOWebinar Charges over $299/mo. for just 1000 attendees but we want to help marketers by removing the limits.

Don't forget that your audience does NOT need to login or be in front of computer when they attend your webinar. They can use iPhone, Android, iPad, and much more.

Testimonial From Experts In The Industry

James Ward

I have been doing webinars for several years now. I have tried almost every platform out there from Go to Meeting to Webinar Jam. Without a doubt Webinar Fusion Pro is the user-friendliest platform I have used, and the most affordable. The value is huge! I would recommend anyone wanting to take their business to the next level via webinar to get started today, you wont be disappointed.

CEO & Co-Founder of 2SL Start Living

Schedule Your Webinar 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Create your webinars "quickly", or schedule them for a later time.

Our automated system will automatically send out 3 reminders to your registrants the day before, 1 hour before, and at the designated time you webinar is to start.

Co-Host your webinars

Would you like to host a Summit or bring other presenters onto your webinar?

Make your meeting dynamic by hosting up to 10 presenters on during any webinar.

Testimonial From A Happy Customer

Myron Golden

My name is Myron. I am the owner of Skillionaire Enterprises Inc. I am absolutely blown away by this "Infinity Technology" in a 1 hour webinar just casually sharing a few hot tips, I made $2,716. The functionality and ease of use is the best I have used since I started selling online back in 2005. If you are not using Webinar Fusion Pro, start using it today if you want to explode your profits.

No coding or design skill needed.

Registration Page? Thank You Page? We got it covered. Inside the platform, we have plenty of COOL point-n-click templates. So, you don't need to code anything at all.
All you need to do is choosing your favorite templates, fill the details info (headline, text description, and etc), and that's it!
Want to look COOLER by utilizing your own design? How about have your audience register from your own website? Yes, you can. You can choose your custom-design website. How do you customize it? Just insert our code to your website. Easy peasy.

Edmund Loh


"When you said this is going to change the webinar game, you got my attention. For years I've been using GoToWebinar and another automated webinar software. I was a little sceptical initially, but I am glad that Webinar Fusion Pro lives up to its promises!
It's rare that you find a tool that allows you to connect so deeply with potential buyers and then to position yourself as an expert. I'm ready now to put webinars at the top of my list to provide more education and value to my subscribers and product buyers now that I have this system!"

Broadcast anything you want with our Unique V-Merge Module technology

Instead of switching back and forth like other webinar platforms, you can show your powerpoint, chat features, and your webcam at the same time. Of course, you can always broadcast ANYTHING you want. This includes your computer desktop, applications, and ANYTHING you wish to share with your audience.

Use Form Code To Get Registrants From Your Own Sites

Branding is the KEY for business. With WebinarFusionPro, we understand the importance of maximizing traffic to your website.

So what we did was add the ability for you to copy & paste a form code on to your website and allow people to register from there without ever having to leave your site.

This idea works great for those of you who use blogs and personal websites in your business.

So no need to use registration pages if you do want to enjoy our "Form Code Feature"

Alicia Lyttle

I recently was invited to be a guest using "Infinity Technology" and all I can say is wow!
I actually did the webinar and started getting orders before it was over and that night made sales in just 1hr of speaking!!!
It is truly awesome for me as I market a great deal on the internet. I litterally cherish my Webinar Fusion Pro account.
All I can say is......
If you don't have it, GET IT!

The Advanced "No Opt-in Required" Technology!

Let's imagine that your audience wants to invite their facebook friends to watch the webinar, but they value their privacy. What should you do in this case? Well, with our advanced "No Opt-in Required" Technology, you can provide your audience with a guest link. This allows them to freely share your link with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, emails, and much more. It is that simple.

Host Your Own Webinar On Your Site.

(Traffic Leaked Proof!)
Why give your traffic away to the webinar platform where they can advertise their services? Well, with Webinar Fusion Pro, you can host your own webinar on your website. All you need to do is EMBED the code on any part of your website. This allows your audience to watch your LIVE webinar either from your blog or any websites you wish to embed your code. There is NO LIMIT. Oh, by the way, once your LIVE webinar session is over, our technology will automatically save the recording to Webinar Fusion Pro

Meet Up With Your Clients?

We got you covered. You can start your meeting at anytime and at anyday. All you need to do is login to your account click on "Start HOA", and that's it. No need to meet in person where you have spent thousands of dollars on travelling expenses. Simply give a private link to your client and let the meeting start right away.

Need a virtual conference room for your team and your customers?

It is available for you 24/7. You don't need to reserve the space ahead of time.
You can meet your clients regardless whether they are in United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, U.K, and anywhere in the world.
... Yes, you can even share your screen, a powerpoint presentation slides, or any files you wish to provide to your clients or teams via DropBox.

Customize your live webinar with "Ticker" technology!

Need to look like an infomercial on TV? We got your covered. You can add an overlay footer bar with your name, logo, or even the product you promote. This way your audience will know who you are and the topic of the webinar. Of course, you can always edit the description, switch on/off at any point of your website. It is the hot feature that brands your webinar.

Analyze your data, download, and understand your audience.

Need to know who and what platform they attend your webinar?
No problem. We got you covered as well. At the end of each webinar, you are able to analyze your traffic, registrations, attendees, and device your audience use to access your webinar.
In addition, You can also download the chat log info, questions you asked to your audience, and your attendees info via CSV files.
Pretty much, everything is your fingertips. It is that powerful!

Automatic email reminder of your webinar

The platform will automatically send three reminder emails to make sure that the registrants will attend the webinar on the day you scheduled. The emails will be sent out 24 hours, 1 hours, and 1 minutes before the webinar starts. However, you can always customize your own reminder emails as much as you wish. Many marketers use them as a way to remind the audience what they are going to learn if they attend the webinar. You can even set a schedule 15 minute before the webinar and up to 30 day before the webinar. (It is a slick feature you must try to increase your attendance rate!)

Let's your audience share your webinar with friends via email or Facebook.

Want your audience to share COOL webinar with their friends? No problem. The features have been embed into your webinar pages.This allows your audience to push the button virally. Plus, you can even ask them to tell their friends via email as well. (Of course, you can always choose to keep this button on/off)

Integrated with your mailing list

Our platform integrates with most of the autoresponder email companies in the market. It also means that all the registrants will automatically subscribe to your list. The best part is... "There is no coding required". You just need to choose the list you want your audience to subscribed, choose the list, and that's it. It works automatically on the background. It is as easy as pie.

Host a paid webinar

Need to know who and what platform they attend your webinar? No problem. We got you covered as well.
At the end of each webinar, you are able to analyze your traffic, registrations, attendees, and device your audience use to access your webinar. In addition, You can also download the chat log info, questions you asked to your audience, and your attendees info via CSV files.
Pretty much, everything is your fingertips. It is that powerful!

Maximize your attendance rate with "Roll Over" technology

Need more attendees for your webinar? Easy peasy. With our coolest technology, "Roll Over", you can select attendees from a specific webinar to invite or invite all attendees from your past webinars to attend your new LIVE webinar.

The AWESOME part is... "They don't need to resign-up and nor do they need re-optin". This will HELP your SPARK your webinar's attendance rate to the roof.

Sell your products, services, coaching, membership and much more with just few clicks!

Do you want to sell your products? Ask them to click on a button? How about do it in the COOLEST way possible?

Here is what you can do: You can pre-configure as many offers as possible. (Yep, unlimited!) Then, during the LIVE webinar, you can pop-out or pop-in your offers. In addition, you can even switch on/off. Basically, there is no limitation to this feature.

What The Moderator Sees

What Attendees See

Answering Questions Through Chat Box...

Answering questions during a LIVE webinar is the key. Why? Well, this is how you are able to build a powerful relationship with your audience. Plus, this allows you to get the conversation going in which you are able to remove the resistance on buying your product. Basically, this is the key for you to receive the sales you are aiming for.

With "chat box" features, you can have your staff member to moderate the questions. You can reply in private or public, delete the message, as well as enable/disable chat box.

What Moderator Sees

What Attendees See

Unlimited Storage For Your Past Webinars

Don't want to waste your computer space? No worry.
We got you covered as well. All of your past webinars will automatically be recorded into a video.

You do as many webinar as possible, the system will automatically record and convert it into a video. This allows you to access to all your past webinars with just few clicks away. It is as simple as that.

You have full control over your room

It is YOUR webinar. It is your right. In other words, you can mute, delete, private message and ban any attendees from your webinar.
In addition, you will have the co-administrators do all the chatting, switch on the offer, read the questions on the poll, tell the audience and much more.
Basically, this is the platform that will give you the flexibility to run a professional webinar ANYTIME you want.

Fully Compatible with all devices

Regardless which devices people use, your registrants will be able to access the webinar.

It can be PC, Mac, Desktop, Laptop, iPAD, iPhone, Androids, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Even Safari. It is fully compatible with all devices. PERIOD.

The Easiest & Fastest Way to Host Your Own Professional Webinar in Minutes......
It is NOW enhanced by the most comprehensive features!

What Some of Our Customers Saying About Us...

Act Now & Get These Amazing "Fast Action" Bonuses

Fast Action Bonus #1: Fully Customizable Sales Page Template System

Create a high coverting professional sales page with our drag and drop system in minutes. If you can cut and paste, you can use this page to communicate high value to your customers that makes them want to buy now. Use your company or product's brand to establish the kind of trust that gets buyers off the fence. Create unlimited pages with no wo

Fast Action Bonus #2 Brandable Eye Catching Capture Page Template System

Create unlimited capture pages using our browser based system. No fussing with HTML codes or Filezilla; just point and click. You'll be forcing leads into your marketing funnel. Customize with your own copy and images to make sure they remember you. Of course, this system integrates quickly and easily into Webinar Fusion Pro.

Fast Action Bonus #3 An Additional System of Customizable Thank You/Registration Pages

You really can't ever have enough of these. Do webinars for clients or inside of different niches. Smoothly connect to any of your webinars, autoresponders or capture pages. As is the case with all of our pages, use your own branding and logos to keep your customer engaged.

Let's Make It a HUGE NO-BRAINER with This Amazing Guarantee...

Try Webinar Fusion Pro for 30-Days Risk Free

Webinar Fusion PRO - Enterprise Edition

We are so confident that you will absolutely love Webinar Fusion Pro that we are offering a full 30-day, no question asked, money-back enjoy the free ride.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Will I Need To Download Software or Go Through a Complicated Installation Process to Get This System to Work?

Webinar Fusion Pro is totally browser based. That means that your attendees will never have to download software or install things on their computer to participate. They can paricipate from any part of the world at any time.

It's also mobile responsive. You won't miss out on a single sale, client meeting or important presentation. Whether or attendees are home, at work or on the go, they'll be able to see and hear you on your webinar.

If you want to make sure to give them reminders to come to your webinar, days, hours or minutes ahead of time...you'll be doing that. Want to follow up after the webinar with a special message?

Webinar Fusion Pro comes with a flexibile and fully customizable messaging system. If you want to chat with your attendees, send them links and offers, you'll be able to do that...in real time.

Do I Need Expensive Equipment or A High Powered Computer to Do A Good Webinar?

With Webinar Fusion Pro, all you need is your laptop computer to create the kind of professional appearance that makes people want to buy. Whether you do or don't want to be in front of the camera, you'll be able to use a computer to give people all of the time and reasons they need to buy.

Will Your Software Keep Up With Changes and Will I Have to Pay Extra for Upgrades?

All Softtware needs to be updated to keep up with the rapid changes in technology and in business. With Webinar Fusion Pro, you're covered. Once you buy, you'll never have to pay for another upgrade again.

Our software is suppoorted by a dynamic team of programmers, marketers and managers. We make sure our customers have a fanastic experience generating profit with our system. The business your geneate with Webinar Fusion Pro is way too important for us to put in the hands of just one person. Our team will keep you up and running, both now and in the future.

Let's Make It a HUGE NO-BRAINER with This Amazing Guarantee...

Try Webinar Fusion Pro for 30-Days Risk Free

Webinar Fusion PRO - Enterprise Edition

We are so confident that you will absolutely love Webinar Fusion Pro that we are offering a full 30-day, no question asked, money-back enjoy the free ride.

Dwayne Golden

Lester Lim

Jonathan Teng


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