Nick Grantham's

"Computer Says No! Have We Forgotten How To Coach?"

Technology has arrived and has massive implications for the way we coach our athletes. Proponents believe that the use of technology will allow the coach to develop a deeper understanding of their athletes and improve their chances of replicating success and then improve on it. The critics will argue that technology and the data it provides can actually detract from the coaches and athletes instincts to make their own decisions about their training and competition programme. Drawing on his extensive experience working across a wide range of sports for almost 20 years, Nick will share with you his experiences as a coach and how technology has impacted on his coaching practice. From the early days of heart rate monitoring through to the application of velocity based training, Nick will discuss the pros and cons of technology and remind us that we should never lose the ability to coach the athlete that we see in front of us.

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Time: 08:30 pm
Time Zone: Europe/London

Nick Grantham []

Nick’s career spans four Olympic cycles working with many of the countries most talented athletes to help them realise their potential. A sought after ‘expert’ recognised as a specialist in athletic preparation with a wealth of knowledge, Nick has successfully transferred his detailed knowledge of training athletes into the public arena for rapid results. Nick has a great ability to make the complex, seem obvious and simple.

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