Boundaries Built With Love

Our heart is a miraculous organ. It has the ability to send and receive as well as process information, even before our brain can- it’s true. If we’re extra sensitive in the way that we perceive with our heart, we can often feel like a sponge. A sponge that absorbs all the energy around it from thoughts, experiences or traumas, whether they’re your own, or someone else’s. This can be a pretty challenging and exhausting way to live in the world. If you consider yourself an empath, this class is for you. If you have trouble using the word “No”, this class is for you. If you take on other people’s problems/issues as if they’re your own & your responsibility, this class is for you. And if you work with the public and come home day after day feeling drained, depleted and exhausted, even on a good day, this class is for you. Building & maintaining healthy boundaries for yourself & others is one of the best gifts you can offer yourself. During this live webinar you’ll learn about the myriad of ways to clear unwanted energy & create sacred space for ourselves, our homes, our work place and even our cars through herbs, crystals, breath, sound, intention & visualization. You’ll also learn how to effectively choose & work with flower essences, essential oils & whole herbs to create healthy boundaries in your life for work & play. I’ll offer my favorite recipes for liquid smudge, aromatic essence spritzers, protection elixirs, tub tea soaks and talismans. This class is really about self-care, self-prioritizing and intention. Our minds, hearts & spirits are powerful things. And when we take the time to center them, tune into them, and manifest & affirm our daily lives with them, we create a space and set the stage for a safe, secure and light filled path for ourselves, in all aspects of our journeys on this planet. 

Amanda Stanley from Jupiter Labyrith []

A passionate herbalist who teaches empowered health & healing with a focus on individualized care, Amanda has been studying & practicing holistic herbalism for over 12 years. Combining a broad spectrum of integrative practices, Amanda includes ayurveda, traditional herbal medicine, Reiki & yoga, to create a unique, tool-box of wellness allies for each person she works with. Amanda not only provides lifelong tools, but also the support & loving guidance needed to create a happier, healthier life ~ mind, body and spirit. Amanda is a Taurus sun sign, a lover of all things food, nature and comfort. When she’s not on her yoga mat, seeing clients or teaching, you’ll find her in the woods scouting for wild medicinals, in her own gardens harvesting herbs, at the local tea shop sipping on Kashmiri chai with her husband or binge watching Netflix at home with her cat. Amanda offers 1 on 1 Wellness Programs, Restorative Reiki packages & Herbal Medicine Making Courses throughout the year, online and in person around the NH Seacoast. 

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Time: 06:00 pm
Time Zone: America/Denver

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