Intro to Cannabis Energy Medicine & Self Healing

Jamie Lynn Thomas presents an introduction to Cannabis Energetics and Quantum Flower Essences. She will discuss energy medicines and quantum H20 Infusions and their role in the healing process. She will share 3 keys from her book Cannabis Energy Medicine

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Jamie lynn Thomas [ ]

Jamie Lynn Thomas is an integrative health practitioner who specializes in complex chronic conditions. Her approach to health and vitality is to work with all aspects of a person or their PEMS, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, by utilizing her extensive degrees, certifications, advanced training, and clinical experience to tailor each session to meet the needs of her client.

“I empower people to take control of their health by decreasing pain in the PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies) by reconnecting to all these centers which will automatically increase their vitality. 


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Time: 11:00 am
Time Zone: America/Denver

 Bring Your Sensory Awareness for this Experiential Class